🚴‍Bike Demo Courtesy of Twisted Cog

November 04, 2018
## The Ride by the Numbers
- Distance: 26.0mi
- Moving Time: 2:04:03
- Elevation: 595ft
- Weather: Sunny, clear, 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Trail: - Lock 60 --> Schuylkill Canal Towpath --> PRT to Oaks --> Oaks to Collegeville --> and back!
- Bike specs
  - Graham: Lauf True Grit
  - Sabrina: Specialized Roubaix

How many times can a couple get away with "test riding" luxury bikes without ending up on MOST WANTED: NO INTENT TO BUY posters at local bike shops? So far, the tally is four. We go in with some research, manners, and very eager-eyes. This tactic, thankfully, makes us likable enough that the workers let us get away with it.

This past Sunday we set out on a 25 mile ride on the bike-equivalents of Ferraris. Graham picked out the Lauf True Grit and Sabrina chose to ride the Specialized Roubaix. The ride, in all, was half gravel and half pavement. The pavement proved to be the most comfortable for Sabrina on her Diverge; the wheels made it like cutting through room-tempered butter. However, Graham excelled on the gravel trails with his [something tires]. The weather was perfect and the autumnal foliage made it an all around pleasant adventure that is hopefully repeated again someday. Guess we both know what to save up for next!

-- Sabrina

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