Monetized your cat for fun and profit
Monitoring system & time series database a brief exploration
🚲 New Bike Day! -- April 11, 2019
The steel is real.
🌦 Weather Buddy -- February 12, 2019
A Photon Powered Weather HMI
Finding my perfect homelab setup.
Dockerizing a GatsbyJS build.
🕹 Dota Stats -- December 20, 2018
A simple React App to view recent Dota matches
Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRC build log.
Some reference material for getting started with Terraform on Linode
Demoing some luxury gravel Bikes.
Photos from my companies picnic
🌳 Late Season Effort -- August 12, 2018
A not so secret garden.
A little snippet from my happy place.
🐅 Philadelphia Zoo -- March 14, 2018
Exploring the Philadelphia Zoo with a Telephoto.
My attempt at keeping a blog again.